The Company


Baotomation, as an experienced EOAT supplier, providing turn-key solutions in automation hanlding applications since 2017. We specialize in developing quality products and dynamic solutions for your demands.  Batomation’s commitment to technology, innovation and quality is matched only by our pledge to provide superior customer service, giving you peace of mind that you can count on us. Our team-centered culture empowers our dedicated employees to strive for excellence in the products we produce and in the way we interact with our customers.


Products and Sevices

  • End effectors for sheetmetal handling (Tandem line press, Tri-axis press, press-harden automation, Laser cutting application, etc.)
  • End effectors for plastic and general application automation.
  • Pneumatic clamping and locating techonology.
  • Magnetic gripping and locating techonology.
  • Airways and electrical connection.
  • Ceramics roller for hot forming furnace.
  • Hydraulic cylinder and fittings.